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Top 5 Data Prep Metrics That Will Get Your CIOs Attention

[WHITE PAPER] You may already know a self-service data preparation solution could be the key to making your job and ITs easier,... more

Aberdeen Cloud Applications Can Help Your Tax Dollars Work Harder

[WHITE PAPER] Public spending is under intense scrutiny. Organizations are asked to serve the public effectively, without wasting... more

Drive Marketing Success With A User-Generated Content Strategy

[WHITE PAPER] In May 2016, Offerpop commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate how marketers view the importance of UGC in building... more

Your old storage is standing in the way of growth

[WHITE PAPER] With HPE, you have a trusted partner with flexible, right-sized solutions tailored to your needs.

A Sign of Legal Sophistication, Security and Certainty

[WHITE PAPER] This whitepaper highlight's the security and certainty DocuSign's global eSignature and DTM platform

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When companies invest in a performance center of excellence, it can take up to three years before it starts paying dividends back. As a result, customers are happier, outages are a seemingly rare occurrence, and performance becomes prioritized as a standard policy for application development and deployment.

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