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It all began years ago, with crayons, a paper tablecloth, and some imagination. Over sandwiches at Quadrus Cafe in Menlo Park, seven colleagues talked about how much time and money businesses wasted whenever they bought goods and services. Their beef: cumbersome and costly paper-intensive processes. They sketched out on the table what an automated solution would have to look like: It would have a walk-up user interface. It would integrate with enterprise financial systems. It would hook right up to the suppliers. It would run on this new thing called the Internet. And it would fundamentally change business models. And that's how Ariba was born. For more than 15 years now, we've helped companies like yours control spending and cut costs. We became widely recognized as the leading provider of spend management solutions. But our solutions have evolved. See, we know that business commerce doesn't happen in a vacuum. Relationships between trading partners need to be more efficient and effective, too. That's why Ariba is today the leading provider of collaborative business commerce solutions. Now, through the Ariba Commerce Cloud, businesses access the most efficient and effective platform for inter-enterprise commerce. We're helping more companies drive more value whenever they're buying, selling, or managing cash.
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This paper examines the benefits of using advanced machine learning models in predictive maintenance software for asset management of Power Utilities.

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