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TheLadders strives to make the search for $100K+ positions quick and effective. Today, with over 4 million members, TheLadders is the world's leading community of $100K+ jobs and $100K+ job seekers. TheLadders delivers pre-screened $100K+ job opportunities across all industries and locations, focused primarily on vice president, director and manager positions. TheLadders also helps job seekers and recruiters network outside traditional job listings to find unadvertised opportunities and make valuable connections. TheLadders has created an exclusive online community by charging a monthly subscription fee for full access to job listings and recruiter connections. The fee discourages those who aren't qualified from applying. To ensure that members have the right education, experience, and industry expertise, TheLadders pre-screens resumes to ensure subscribers meet the requirements of a $100K+ candidate. TheLadders also reviews each job listing before it's posted to ensure that it too meets the criteria of a $100K+ position. Additionally, TheLadders offers an executive-level resume writing service and career advice center. If you're an employer or recruiter, TheLadders enables you to make business-critical hires more effectively than ever before. Employers and recruiters can post jobs; search our database of pre-screened candidates; and network with a high-quality, engaged and responsive talent pool. According to an independent survey of recruiters focusing on $100K+ talent, TheLadders ranked #1 for overall satisfaction when compared to all major online competitors.
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