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The Carbon Challenge: Reducing energy consumption

White Paper Published By: Brocade
Published:  Sep 08, 2010
Type:  White Paper
Length:  2 pages

For organisations looking to be greener, the data centre is the most obvious place to start. Companies across Europe are now paying more attention to Green IT, not only as the direct result of the cost savings which can be realised from implementing such a strategy, but from increasing regulation.
While the EU ETS has created real incentives for such energy intensive companies so they can change their energy usage patterns, many less energy ‘hungry’ industries were left unaffected.
However many of these organisations are still large users of energy, and as a result similar incentives were introduced for these sectors.

Tags : 
brocade, green it, data center, emissions trading, carbon reduction, energy efficiency, bandwidth management, ethernet networking, governance, network architecture, network management, network provisioning, green computing, cloud computing, data center design and management, colocation and web hosting

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