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Xtreme Sourcing: AXA Group CPO Shares Top Success Secrets

Webinar Published By: Ariba
Published:  Oct 07, 2010
Type:  Webinar

Join Heinz Schäffer, CPO of the multi-billion dollar AXA Group, as he reveals his journey of elevating AXA to the next level of Sourcing and Procurement success.

Heinz will share his vision and proven strategies for leveraging organizations and breaking down traditional barriers to:

  • Deliver millions in sourcing savings
  • Provide measurable efficiency improvements
  • Reduce supplier risk
  • Engage active Finance and AP support
Heinz Schäffer, CPO, AXA NORCEE
John Lark, Senior Solution Manager, Ariba

Tags : 
ariba, sourcing, procurement, software outsourcing

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