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Software Download Published By: ScriptLogic
Published:  Oct 12, 2010
Type:  Software Download
Length:  1 pages

ScriptLogic Asset Manager automates the tracking of software licenses throughout a company. Proper license tracking helps eliminate overspending on unused software, and assists in making certain that all software licenses have been paid for and legitimate. Asset Manager ensures compliance with software license agreements, including those applications that are running in virtual environments. Finally, Asset Manager also provides a database to track and report on all license purchases, terms and conditions for more effective software buying decisions.

Find:  Asset Manager uses three methodologies to find the software on your network, insuring that nothing is missed dramatically increasing the accuracy of the inventory information.
Software Identification:  Automatically identify thousands of software packages, including software bundles by analyzing the 'software DNA' against a database of thousands of applications.
Track Usage:  Asset Manager's metering technology can tell you not only who has it, but who's using it and how often.
Avoid Audit Costs:  Over-buying is not the best audit protection strategy, but it's often used. With over 120 pre-configured reports, Asset Manager can give you the complete picture of what you've licensed, installed and what you're using.

Tags : 
scriptlogic, software asset management, software license, tracking, automation, system center configuration manager, sccm, virtual application, business process automation, scripting

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