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Unlocking the value of financial research with XML

White Paper Published By: PolarLake USA
PolarLake USA
Published:  Jun 09, 2008
Type:  White Paper
Length:  19 pages

PolarLake is an XML based integration system. As discussed below, the adoption of XML for Equity Research is forecast to grow because of the combined benefits of adhering to compliance regulations, reduced cost and improved client services. As Equity Research departments re engineer their systems to support these new message formats, they will be faced by the need to integrate the XML into existing systems, such as authoring, compliance, and the publication mechanisms out to clients. As business areas in other parts of banking have found, this is a task that requires a specialist XML integration
engine, namely PolarLake.

Tags : 
polarlake, xml, reference data management, reference data distribution, xml based integration, financial integrations

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