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Reinventing Branch Office Security: Configuration-less UTM protection for small offices

White Paper Published By: Astaro
Published:  Jan 19, 2011
Type:  White Paper
Length:  11 pages

When it comes to IT security, almost all businesses using IP networks to transmit data will know that they have to protect themselves, and they will have systems in place to keep their data secure. However, this is often focused at the head office. For workers that are not located at the central office - whether this is a branch office environment or a remote worker at home - the
question of security is a harder one to answer.

On the one hand even smallest offices that connect to the internet should get the same level of safeguards as large offices but on the other hand professional security devices are expensive, their management is time consuming and IT security knowledge at small offices is scarce.

This Orange Paper is explaining a new approach for providing complete, affordable and easy to manage security to even smallest branch offices.

Tags : 
astaro, branch office security, configuration, ip networks, data protection, remote workers, security policies, unified threat management, utm, tco, remote access, remote network management, wireless security

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