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Delivering Operational Excellence with Innovation

White Paper Published By: SAP
Published:  Feb 09, 2011
Type:  White Paper
Length:  20 pages

Examine the trends in enterprise resource planning (ERP) that are driving businesses to adopt an enterprise services-oriented architecture (SOA). And learn how enterprise SOA can help your organization deliver operational excellence and realize new levels of innovation by enabling more responsiveness and agility.

Today, islands of automation, growing IT complexity,governance pressures, and budget reductions are IT realitiesthat hamper the ability of small and large organizations toembrace new business practices and technological innovation.As organizations look for better ways to achieve competitivedifferentiation, market responsiveness, and operationalexcellence, they often find their existing IT landscapes toocomplex, inflexible, and costly to adapt to evolving businessconditions. Even if organizations can afford the resources,time, and effort it takes to change and enable new practices,all those might prove too extensive to justify the value of theinvestment. IT – often regarded as a monolithic, rigid, slowmoving,or foreign entity by many businesspeople – must bealigned with business needs and evolve with changing marketdemands to enable future innovation, agility, and excellence.

Tags : 
sap, erp, soa, enterprise resource planning, service oriented architecture, enterprise, automation

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