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OCC Design & Manufacture Process

White Paper Published By: Optical Cable Corporation
Optical Cable Corporation
Published:  Mar 09, 2011
Type:  White Paper
Length:  13 pages

A simple patch cord can be the weakest link in a networking system. Connecting hardware designs may be tuned to either the high or low end of the test plug compatibility range, resulting in incompatibility between components and reduced mated plug and jack performance. This directly impacts link and channel performance. OCC's patented technology has helped create the pathways that make today's high-speed information networks possible. It continues this technical leadership through the creation of the Design Manufacture model, which offers new and more accurate ways of measuring the true performance of components and systems, and of understanding how that affects the total system performance. OCC's contribution to the standards organizations that govern our industry, along with 19 active patents, 32 active foreign patents, cross-licensed to another 50+, have made OCC a recognized leader in measurement technology. This capability has put OCC at the forefront of standards that directly impact performance limits relevant to the end user.

Tags : 
patch cord, networking system, channel performance, optical cable corporation, system performance, optical networking

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