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Delivering Investment Research Faster with Higher Quality

White Paper Published By: Quark, Inc.
Quark, Inc.
Published:  Apr 28, 2011
Type:  White Paper
Length:  9 pages

Delivering high-quality information has never been easy, but in the last 15 years, the challenges have exploded as the Web has created new and higher expectations for immediacy, accessibility, and personalization.

With traditional publishing software, authors not only create information but also design its appearance and control the layout of each page - a labor-intensive process that must be repeated for publishing to both print and Web.

The drawbacks and traditional publishing lead to problems in the accuracy, convenience, and appearance of the information itself, which can result in increased risk of deviation from information guidelines as well as deceased customer satisfaction. This, in turn, can hurt your bottom line.

Download this white paper to learn how to deal with the challenge of delivering high-quality information and how to overcome the inherent limitations of traditional publishing techniques.

Tags : 
quark, compliance, high-quality, accessibility, traditional publishing, data integration, collaboration, personalization, dynamic publishing, ecm, enterprise content management, business intelligence, content integration, content management system

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