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Cloud Governance: Private to Hybrid Clouds with Consistency and Portability

Webinar Published By: Red Hat Government
Red Hat Government
Published:  Jul 21, 2011
Type:  Webinar

How can your organization use public clouds so they're a useful complement to in-house IT rather than a renegade operation increasing risks and costs?  Organizations around the world are benefiting from public clouds. But, when production applications or critical data is involved, it's important to extend on-premise governance to your public or hybrid cloud resources. Effective cloud governance is possible.

Join us for this webinar and learn:     

  • Key governance risks affecting both private and public clouds such as data leakage/breaches/loss, legal and regulatory, service delivery or failure, transparency and visibility, and the ability to move applications and data in-house or to a different external provider.    
  • Ways to mitigate these risks    
  • Governance best practices that are part of a savvy cloud strategy    
  • Approaches Red Hat is taking to help customers implement effective cloud governance

Tags : 
cloud governance, governance, cloud computing, interoperability, red hat, open source, idc, enterprise linux, enterprise solutions, virtualization, linux, unix, redhat, government, infrastructure

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