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The Business Case for Automating Document Driven Business Processes

White Paper Published By: Kofax
Published:  Sep 08, 2011
Type:  White Paper
Length:  8 pages

The Kofax enterprise capture platform offers unmatched scalability from centralized to highly distributed environments, from individual desktops to enterprise deployments and from basic archival scanning to powerful document classification and separation and data extraction. The company's market leading technology supports a wide variety of input devices and line of business applications, providing a strong enterprise-wide platform on which to standardize document driven processes.

Information enters organizations in a number of ways- paper, fax and electronic-so a comprehensive capture system must accommodate documents regardless of their format. When integrating documents into existing business process workflows, a scalable capture platform built on an open architecture ensures compatibility between existing hardware devices, relational databases, content management systems and related network infrastructures.

An enterprise capture approach offers the following tangible benefits:

. Immediate cost savings;
. Reduced redundancies;
. Increased information accuracy;
. Eliminated delays;
. Decreased repetitive manual handling;
. Increased productivity;
. More secure document control;
. Ability to react more quickly to inquiries; and
. Faster, more reliable decision making.

Document intensive business processes are much more efficient in an environment of front and back office symbiosis. An enterprise approach to capture results in lower costs, better document security, increased productivity, improved customer relations, simplified regulatory compliance and faster exception processing. Enterprise capture is a compelling investment that offers a demonstrable ROI that's relatively easy to calculate.

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