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Durham University gains new insight into the evolution of the universe

White Paper Published By: IBM UK - ISM&S Storage
IBM UK - ISM&S Storage
Published:  Nov 15, 2011
Type:  White Paper
Length:  4 pages

To maintain its position at the forefront of international research, the Institute for Computational Cosmology at Durham University wanted to develop a new high-performance computing cluster that would enable even more sophisticated simulations of the universe. With constraints on data centre space, power and cooling, the Institute looked to base the new cluster on compact, energy-efficient technologies. 

Find out how the Institute was able to develop a new cluster that performs 50 times faster, uses the same amount of electricity, does not require air cooling, and reduced overall data centre energy consumption by 60 kW. It is currently the UK's greenest supercomputer and would make 19th place on the worldwide Green500 list.

Tags : 
super comupter, computations, cosmology, delivery, infrastructure, energy, green computing, performance, international, global, cluster, cooling, power, consumption, ip storage, network attached storage, storage management, storage virtualization, virtualization, cloud computing

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