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Reduce The Cost Of Owning Windows Desktops - Try ScriptLogic Desktop Authority FREE Today!!

Software Download Published By: ScriptLogic
Published:  Mar 30, 2012
Type:  Software Download

Desktop Authority reduces the cost of owning Windows desktops by enabling you to proactively configure, secure and support desktops and servers from a central location. This solution provides granular control over Windows desktops and the user workspace, allowing you to reduce help desk calls, shorten incident resolution, tighten security, reduce energy costs, restrict the use of removable storage devices, meet compliance objectives and keep desktops patched and spyware-free. 

Configure desktops and the user workspace with a graphical interface that simplifies Group Policies and eliminates login scripts; configure drive mappings, printers, settings, signatures, shortcuts and more for any group of users or computers.

Manage your desktop environment by inventorying hardware/software, deploying software, deploying service packs and managing power schemes for any group of users or computers.

Secure your desktop environment by locking down USB ports, deploying patches and detecting/removing malware.

Support users without interrupting them by using behind-the-screen technology and remote control

Tags : 
scriptlogic, desktop management, desktop authority, windows, software asset management, software license, tracking, automation, system center configuration manager, sccm, virtual application, networking, enterprise applications, windows server

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