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Coming to Grips with Consumerization - 60 Minutes with Nir Zuk - On-Demand Video Broadcast

Webinar Published By: Palo Alto Networks
Palo Alto Networks
Published:  May 09, 2012
Type:  Webinar

60 Minutes with Nir Zuk - On-Demand Video Broadcast

Coming to Grips with Consumerization

How or why is consumerization happening is almost irrelevant. All that really matters is how to deal with it. Today, it's users rather than IT departments that are choosing the laptops, smart phones and tablets that they want to use. The resulting challenge for IT is not trivial: how to integrate consumer devices in the business yet still put adequate controls in place to manage associated risks - not the least of which is the risk of exposing applications and sensitive data to the wrong people.

In this on-demand video broadcast, hear Nir Zuk, CTO and co-founder of Palo Alto Networks and Rich Mogull, Analyst and CEO of Securosis, provide insights and recommendations on how to handle consumerization and the proliferation of devices.

In This 60 Minute Program, Learn About:

  • Big problems posed by consumerization
  • Limitations of existing solutions
  • Debate on whether the issue is with endpoint management or network security
  • Tradeoffs between different strategies and controls
  • Core requirements and best practices for implementing a solution

Tags : 
palo alto, palo alto networks, consumerization, proliferations, applications, mobile, mobile devices, controls, risks, solutions, endpoint, endpoint management, network security, contorls, requirements, best practices, convergence, distributed computing, grid computing, infrastructure

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