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Managing the Total Cost of Ownership of Business Intelligence: A 360-Degree PersPective

White Paper Published By: SAP
Published:  Jul 18, 2012
Type:  White Paper
Length:  15 pages

For many companies, total cost of ownership (TCO) is out of control. And the problem is growing, fueled by ever-increasing demands from the user community, massive new sources for data, new capabilities, shadow itland-scapes, and the cost of keeping people abreast of all the changes.

The purpose of this paper is to focus on developing a framework for monitor-ing and managing the total cost of ownership of business intelligence.

Tags : 
total cost of ownership, business intelligence, tco, data explosion, power users, top-down development, simple it landscape, analytic tools, developers, business needs, data process portfolio, processes, data quality, quality tools, storage and processing, hardware, managing tco, tco improvement, it management, data management

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