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Learn 6 Ways Metro Ethernet Can Improve Your Organization

White Paper Published By: Comcast Business
Comcast Business
Published:  Apr 26, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  4 pages

Ethernet is the technology used for interconnecting individual users, servers, and most networking devices on local area networks.  However, most organizations are looking for more cost effective means of improving their wide area networking technologies.  To find out more about how organizations are solving their problems, download this whitepaper to see how Metro Ethernet could be your solution and how it has six specific advantages over your current WAN technologies.

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metro ethernet, scalable, conectivity, data center, wan, sonet, dtm, vpn, cost effective, roi, distributed computing, ethernet networking, governance, infrastructure, ip networks, ip telephony, network architecture, network management, network performance, network performance management

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