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On Demand Webcast: An Interactive Roadmap for IT Operations Analytics Success

Webinar Published By: IBM
Published:  Jul 22, 2014
Type:  Webinar

Using data to reinvent one’s business has reached the mainstream.

Data and analytics allow us to change the world around us: it gives us insights into what is happening, allowing us to optimize our strategy, create new business opportunities, and make more accurate predictions.

He who holds the data; holds the power.

Listen to an interactive discussion (socialcast) with a select group of IBM Data Scientists that goes beyond the tools and tackles new ways your business can use data to:

  • Predict problems before they occur
  • Search quickly across massive amounts of data
  • Optimize across their IT app infrastructure

Our panel of experts is comprised of the following guests:

  • Doug McClure IT Operations Analytics Solutions Architecture and Development at IBM
  • Daniel Roscigno Data Scientist IBM Software Group, Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure
  • Robert McKeown Data Scientist and Architect IBM Software Group, Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure 

Tags : 
ibm, it operations analytics, it operations, analytical applications, data, big data, it app infrastructure, cloud, data science, ibm software, it management, application integration, data integration, data mining, data warehousing

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