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CASE STUDY: Midwest Hospital Saves Through Discovery of Hidden Telecom and IT Costs

Case Study Published By: Comview
Published:  Dec 10, 2014
Type:  Case Study
Length:  10 pages

Healthcare organizations are undergoing major transformations to combat rapidly rising costs and reimbursement restrictions associated with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). With this legislation in mind, hospitals are strictly regimenting budgets across departments, and are actively seeking opportunities to minimize expenses.

Oftentimes for healthcare IT (HIT) teams, these savings can come from examining and monitoring existing assets within their technologies or telecommunications portfolio, to uncover hidden costs to the bottom line.

Donít miss this latest case study, where the IT department of a major hospital in the Midwest with 23,000 employees, a network of five hospitals, and a dozen other outpatient medical centers, discovered an expenses and telecommunications dilemma for their newly integrated wireless system. This provider was unable to monitor their individual call records or produce accurate usage reports, ultimately resulting in major discrepancies between invoices and organization usage rates.

Download this white paper, and uncover the steps this HIT team took to manage their IT and telecommunications portfolio, translating to millions in savings on their operations budget! Discover the hidden costs of your organizationís technologies, and their massive impact on the annual IT and telecom budget.

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