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Moving Beyond TCO: Demonstrating Cost and Value on the Managed Cloud

White Paper Published By: Rackspace
Published:  Jan 16, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  4 pages

Traditionally, organizations focus on total cost of ownership (TCO) when making IT decisions: how much it will cost, and how much it will save? When it comes to infrastructure, the bottom line cost savings of deploying on the cloud is usually enough to sell most businesses. But there are also other, less quantitative factors to consider. How do businesses put a price tag on time-to-market? What about freeing up time for experimentation and innovation?

While discussing the less tangible value of the cloud is more difficult, this is often where the most meaningful impact is revealed. This white paper aims to help businesses understand the total value of ownership (TVO) delivered by the managed cloud by documenting and evaluating the potential impact of several key qualitative factors:

Tags : 
rackspace, tco, managed cloud, cloud spend, roi, infrastructure, network architecture, cloud computing, colocation and web hosting

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