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Complexity and Cost Comparison: Cisco UCS vs IBM Flex System

White Paper Published By: Cisco
Published:  May 21, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  20 pages

Not all IT architectures are created equal. Whether you are updating your existing infrastructure or building from the ground up, choosing a solution that eases deployment and streamlines management while keeping costs down is a wise choice.

Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and IBM Flex System both offer tools to streamline deployment and management of your IT infrastructure, but which does more to help you save in deployment, management, and hardware costs? We evaluated the technical features that both offer, and found that Cisco UCS Unified Fabric architecture and the Cisco UCS Manager help alleviate deployment and management burdens with less hardware and without additional software licensing.

Tags : 
cost comparison, architecture, deployment, ucs, infrastructure, internetworking hardware, network architecture, virtualization, cloud computing, design and facilities

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