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Scaling up to Enterprise Agile - Adopting Agile Enterprise Solutions technical white paper

White Paper Published By: HP
Published:  Jun 05, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  17 pages

The goal of Agile software development is to achieve high predictability and quality by knowing the status of your
projects at any point in time. It works by constraining key variables:

  • Time: Development is done in sprints, which are short, equal-length periods of development, so you always know when a sprint starts and ends.
  • Costs: You can create your teams up front and constantly monitor their capacity, so you can control total project costs and avoid over-committing and exhausting the team.
  • Quality: Agile incorporates unit testing, an essential part of coding. Code without unit tests is not production code, and this is embodied in the definition of “Done” for each deliverable.
As teams adjust to Agile development practices, they become better at calculating their capacity and estimating the size of tasks. Consequently, their predictability increases, and they begin to deliver consistently on the content that they commit to producing.

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