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Mobilephobia: Curing the CISO’s Most Common Mobile Security Fears

White Paper Published By: IBM MaaS360
IBM MaaS360
Published:  Oct 09, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  18 pages

Mobilephobia: A family of fears typically impacting CISOs and other security professionals associated with embracing and deploying a mobile security strategy that enables access across the enterprise, sharing of corporate data or interaction with associates, customers and other third parties via mobile devices and applications.
Let’s face it: Every CISO or head of IT security suffers to some extent from mobilephobia. Unlike many “phobias” that are linked to irrational fears, mobilephobia is based on rational fears and real threats. While these fears may not be debilitating to those who suffer from them, they can have serious consequences and result in delays in embracing mobile and deploying a mobile security strategy.

Tags : 
fiberlink, ciso, security, mobile, mobilephobia, corporate data, networking, mobile computing, mobile data systems, wireless communications, wireless hardware, wireless security

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