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Wi-Fi Woes: How Mediocre Wi-Fi Interferes with Instruction in American Schools

White Paper Published By: Ruckus Wireless
Ruckus Wireless
Published:  Jan 27, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  6 pages

Just because Wi-Fi is increasingly common in K-12 schools doesnít mean itís used to its full potential. In November of 2015, the Education Week Research Center set out to explore exactly how teachers use Wi-Fi and its impact in their classrooms and on their curriculum. The findings were used to create the Ruckus Wireless Achievement Index.

This paper highlights several challenges that limit Wi-Fiís influence on instruction, including:

  • The fact that 62% of teachers lack confidence that their schoolís Wi-Fi provides the level of service necessary to meet goals related to assessing and improving student achievement.
  • The top Wi-Fi challenge is technical, not instructional or curriculum based.
  • Lack of home access to the Internet poses classroom instruction and curriculum challenges.

Tags : 
ruckus, wireless, wi-fi, school, education, education technology, k-12, enterprise applications, wifi

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