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Customer Experience Metrics and Key Performance Indicators

White Paper Published By: Oracle Service Cloud
Oracle Service Cloud
Published:  Mar 23, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  16 pages

This document defines Oracle’s Customer Experience (CX)
Value Equation as the strategic method to identify and measure
the value of organizational CX. This model was originally
documented in “CX Metrics and KPIs – September 2012.”
It has received wide support, and has been the #1 searched hit
and downloaded CX KPI document for 3+ years – a significant
achievement in this industry – in an era where concepts are
replaced daily with the latest, greatest fad.

Since the original publication, I have received significant
feedback that has been overwhelmingly positive, but with a
request to comment on additional topics – most notably: brand
impact, shared services, and Oracle’s Road to Modern. This
updated paper leverages the original work, adds information
around these additional topics and incorporates our continued
client experience.

Tags : 
oracle, service cloud, service management, customer interaction, best practices, business analytics, business intelligence

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