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Accurate Statistical Analysis of SERDES Links

White Paper Published By: Mentor Graphics
Mentor Graphics
Published:  Apr 25, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  23 pages

Over the years, two major approaches to SERDES simulation have emerged and gained popularity: time-domain (or bit-by-bit) and statistical. Both are used to build the eye diagram and bit-error ratio (BER), and each has its benefits and limitations.

Statistical analysis is capable of reaching BER levels as low as 10-12 and beyond. Still, statistical simulation is unable to consider some important effects/impairments, mostly associated with non-stationary or non-linear behavior such as:

  • Correlation of logical states in the input pattern
  • Data-dependence of transition waveform shapes, manifesting non-LTI behavior
  • Accurate consideration of transmit jitter and noise, including data-dependent

This white paper proposes a way to accurately consider all these effects in a single statistical analysis flow.

Tags : 
mentor graphics, analysis flow, bit by bit, serdes, ber, gigabit networking, internetworking hardware

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