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Zerto Enables ARA to Migrate Its Mission-Critical Applications and Servers

Case Study Published By: Zerto
Published:  May 31, 2016
Type:  Case Study
Length:  2 pages

Successfully Maintaining a 24/7 Enterprise While Relocating Datacenters

Austin Radiological Association, MSO LLC (ARA) provides medical imaging services at 17 outpatient centers, and professional radiologist services for 20 area hospitals in Central Texas.

To effectively serve its healthcare customers, ARA has to be a highly-available, 24/7 digital enterprise. Under U.S. healthcare law, ARA is also required to have a documented disaster recovery plan, and needed a solution to quickly migrate their virtual instances to another datacenter in an emergency and ensure its business continuity.

ARA’s Challenges:

  • Move its two datacenters in a short time frame
  • Avoid downtime and service disruption
  • Resolve server issues quickly during migration

Zerto’s Virtual Replication Solution:

  • Helped ARA fully and safely replicate servers before migration
  • Orchestrated the primary datacenter failover over a matter of hours
  • Allowed engineers to easily solve issues during migration
Download this case study today to learn more about how ARA was able to complete a datacenter migration in a compressed window, and how they continue to use ZVR to deliver aggressive service levels across their infrastructure with a product that is very easy to use.

Tags : 
zerto, virtual replication, medical imaging, datacenter, servers, infrastructure, disaster recovery, information management, records management, cloud computing, data center design and management, virtualization

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