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Managed Wi-­-Fi Deployments in Schools    

White Paper Published By: Cambium Networks
Cambium Networks
Published:  Oct 03, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  4 pages

There has been a phenomenal increase in the usage of Wi-­-Fi clients in today’s   classrooms.  This is both with school provided devices as well as students bringing in their own laptops and tablets from home.  From online course materials, to interactive study tools and video tutorials there are several applications that require reliable, fast, wireless network access from portable devices.  While these educational tools benefit teachers and students alike, they also bring up some new challenges for the typical school IT department.     

In this paper we’ll go over some of these challenges and how a network administrator can use the features of Cambium Networks cnPilot Wi-Fi solutions to resolve them.

Tags : 
wi-fi, solutions, it solutions, wireless networks, schools, service management

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