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Donít let Energy Consumption Eat Your Profits. Fluke Power Quality Analyzers Can Help.

White Paper Published By: Fluke Networks
Fluke Networks
Published:  Nov 05, 2017
Type:  White Paper
Length:  3 pages

Thinking about ways to improve your PUE score or boost profits?  Data centers can save thousands of dollars annually by auditing energy use and implementing recommendations to upgrade equipment or change operations.

Many facilities managers have discovered these savings can equate to a new source of profit margin by cutting monthly energy bills.  Now is the time to move energy use and dirty power concerns into action. Get helpful tips to reduce energy use and information on how power quality analyzers verify realized efficiencies. 

Read now to see the top 12 ways to decrease the energy consumption in your data center

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fluke, fluke networks, data center energy, data center power, energy, power and cooling, energy efficiency, data center design and management

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