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Why Lead Screws, Plastic Nuts Are Viable Low-cost Alternatives to Ball Screws and Metallic Nuts

White Paper Published By: igus
Published:  Dec 07, 2017
Type:  White Paper
Length:  7 pages

Lead screws are a common technology used to convert rotary motion into linear motion, and often utilized to provide actuation to a set of linear bearings. Lead screws and plastic nuts are excellent lower-cost alternatives to ball screws and metallic nuts when used in applications where extreme precision (micron level) is not required.

This white paper reports on the benefits of a lead screw system made for applications which require frequent positioning, including power transmission applications moving high axial loads. Learn about speeds and loads, lead screw geometry, nut materials, relevant industries and more. 

Tags : 
igus, lead screws, nuts, bolts, polymer, manufacturing, internetworking hardware, productivity, project management

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