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Partnering with Certainty Series: Customer Demands at the Edge - Always On, Always Connected

Webinar Published By: Schneider Electric
Schneider Electric
Published:  Jan 26, 2018
Type:  Webinar

The first event in the Partnering with Certainy Webinar Series, "Customer Demands at the Edge." 

Trends like IoT are driving customer experience expectations in a way that demands resiliency in local edge environments.  As a result, we’re seeing a rise of edge computing (compute power coming out of the cloud and into the access layer).  Customer demands manifest themselves differently based on things like company size and segment.  For example, a retail customer’s business imperatives might look different from a doctor’s office.  But one thing remains constant:  A standardized, redundant, and repeatable physical infrastructure can protect the availability of these now-critical access-layer IT assets.

APC by Schneider Electric has:

  • The solutions you need to deliver a standardized, redundant, & repeatable infrastructure to your customers
  • The tools you need to configure them,
  • The alliances & certifications you trust & rely on,
  • The program to make it profitable.  

Fill out your information and click "Register" to watch the kick off our Partnering with Certainty Webinar Series, “Customer Demands at the Edge: Always On, Always Connected.”  This webinar originally aired on October 5th, 2017.

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