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White Paper Published By: Amazon Web Services     Published Date: Sep 05, 2018
AbeBooks, with Amazon Redshift, has been able to upgrade to a comprehensive data warehouse with the enlistment of Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift. In this case study, we share AbeBooks’ data warehouse success story.
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Amazon Web Services
White Paper Published By: TigerConnect     Published Date: Aug 15, 2018
By now you’ve seen The Joint Commission’s often-quoted statistic that nearly 80% of serious medical errors involve miscommunication during the handoff between providers and care settings. The newest clinical communication technology is designed to close dangerous communication gaps. Top clinical communication platforms offer advanced collaboration tools to ensure that critical patient information makes it safely from one care setting to another. Download this guide to learn how a clinical communication platform can significantly improve patient outcomes in 5 key areas.
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White Paper Published By: Forcepoint     Published Date: Aug 31, 2018
In diesem Whitepaper untersuchen wir, wie Forcepoint NGFW Security Management Center (SMC), das Bestandteil der Forcepoint NGFW (Next Generation Firewall) ist, IT-Administratoren effizienter arbeiten lässt. Besonders bei zunehmender Komplexität ihrer Netzwerke.
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White Paper Published By: CA Technologies EMEA     Published Date: Sep 13, 2018
In letzter Zeit ist das Portfoliomanagement zunehmend zu einer strategischen Aufgabe im Unternehmen geworden. Dies hat dazu geführt, dass viele Anbieter von Software, die sich auf Elemente der Projektdurchführung bezieht, Module für das Projekt- und Portfoliomanagement (PPM) „antackern“. Dies ist offensichtlich ein Versuch, sich ein Stück eines wachsenden, lukrativen Markts abzuschneiden. Vor 25 Jahren war PPM-Software lediglich Projektmanagementsoftware mit der Fähigkeit, Informationen projektübergreifend zu veröffentlichen oder weiterzugeben. Sie bot viele Funktionen, aber keine davon waren intuitiv, und deshalb war sie nicht besonders nützlich. Im Vergleich zu den heutigen Lösungen waren diese Produkte Dinosaurier. Seitdem haben zahlreiche Anbieter viel Geld in ihre Lösungen investiert. Sie haben hervorragende Angebote entwickelt, die ein effektives Management des Portfolios und vor allem des Unternehmens, dem dieses Portfolio dient, wirklich unterstützen können.
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CA Technologies EMEA
White Paper Published By: CA Technologies EMEA     Published Date: Sep 13, 2018
Más de 400 000 empleados y unas 400 empresas, entre las que se incluyen Polycom, Qantas y Toyota, ya utilizan CA Project & Portfolio Management SaaS (CA PPM SaaS) para reducir costes, impulsar la implementación y tomar decisiones de negocio más inteligentes. Con la ayuda de CA Services, las empresas pueden implementar y configurar CA PPM SaaS de forma rápida, lo que simplifica el proceso de comprar, usar y gestionar la solución.
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CA Technologies EMEA
White Paper Published By: Here Technologies     Published Date: Sep 05, 2018
Ovum's 1H18 Location Platform Index is a tool that assesses and ranks the major vendors in the location platform market, with particular reference to the mapping and navigation space. The index evaluates vendors on two main criteria: the completeness of their platform and their platform's market reach. It considers the core capabilities of a location platform along with the information that the platform opens to developers and the wider location community. The index provides an overview of the market and assesses the strengths and weaknesses of each player. It also highlights the key trends in the mapping space that vendors must keep up with if they want to stay ahead of the game.
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Here Technologies
White Paper Published By: Mintigo     Published Date: Sep 05, 2018
Artificial intelligence (AI) enables marketers using a predictive marketing platform to address many strategic questions. Whether you’re new to AI for Marketing or more seasoned with the use of AI, this ebook is a great resource for you. In this ebook, you’ll learn how to: • Optimize your marketing spending • Increase conversion rate across the funnel • Optimize customer engagement • Cross-sell and upsell throughout your customer base • Segment leads and grow customer value • Grow your market and find new prospects Fill out the form to get your free copy!
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White Paper Published By: Datastax     Published Date: Aug 27, 2018
"True data protection and compliance starts at the data layer. When enterprises think of how best to protect their data and meet ever stricter and more complex compliance requirements, they should first and foremost be considering their data management solution. Read this white paper to learn how DataStax Enterprise Advanced Security allows enterprises to protect their data via features such as authentication, authorization, and data auditing, and also meet regulatory compliance requirements by leveraging advanced security features in accordance with best practices."
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