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Surado Solutions, Inc.

Surado, established more than a decade ago, has a strong history of product innovation, long-term profitable client relationships and ability to execute plans on time and on target. Recognizing the tremendous business opportunity in the mid-market CRM arena, Surado strategically positioned itself to capitalize on its expertise in building large, powerful and complex systems as well as out-of-the-box solutions to create the "just right" solution for the mid-market. Our combination of power, features and functionality into an easy-to-use, quick to implement and affordable system with a high degree of customization, fast integration with third-party applications and advanced security options is turning heads, at corporations large and small. And while Surado CRM is easily implemented across all horizontal markets, we also offer vertical solutions spanning Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Education, Homeland Security, Manufacturing and Technology.
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Surado Solutions, Inc.
Phone :
(800) 478-7236

Address :
2060 Chicago Avenue
Suite C5
Riverside, CA 92507

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This paper examines the benefits of using advanced machine learning models in predictive maintenance software for asset management of Power Utilities.

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