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Best Practices Guide for SAP Applications on an IBM XIV® Storage System

White Paper Published By: Bell Micro
Bell Micro
Published:  Jun 14, 2010
Type:  White Paper
Length:  25 pages

The XIV storage product uses a very unique architecture to balance data and I/O across all physical resources, like disk drives, CPUs, and memories, within the storage system. From the XIV architecture, some advantages for complex SAP and database environments are quite obvious e.g. the development of a volume layout that is required for other storage systems to allocate database space would not be required for XIV. Furthermore XIV delivers continuous stable IO performance and the ability to do instant snapshots without significant impact to performance for the Backup and Restore of the SAP applications. This paper describes the benefits, features and best practices using a XIV in a SAP environment.

Tags : 
bell micro, sap application, best practices, ibm xiv, storage system, storage management, sap

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