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Free Trial: World's Fastest Backup & Disaster Recovery software for Windows application servers

Software Download Published By: AppAssure Software
AppAssure Software
Published:  Jun 29, 2010
Type:  Software Download
Length:  1 pages

Free Trial - AppAssure's Replay 4 was named Bronze Backup and Disaster Recovery Software of the Year by Storage Magazine. Replay 4 completely eliminates backup windows by taking continuous snapshots of your Windows application servers, with just a 1-2% hit on server performance. Recover from any server outage in 15 minutes or less and use 80% less storage space for backups with Replay's built-in deduplication. Recover any object from a file level to an entire bare metal restore in minutes. Available with built-in replication and virtualization as well as AppAssure's turnkey Cloud Recovery Service for offsite disaster recovery. Supports Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Hyper-V, VMWare and Windows file servers. Replay is also available with AppAssure's optional Cloud Recovery Service for offsite backup and disaster recovery.

Tags : 
appassure, sql, hyper-v, windows, vmware, replay, windows server, application server, disaster recovery, servers, backup and recovery, storage management, security management, security policies, microsoft exchange

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