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Enhancing Network Quality and Video Transmission with Optimized IGMP Video Multicasting!

White Paper Published By: Korenix Technology
Korenix Technology
Published:  Aug 03, 2010
Type:  White Paper

In the emerging market of IP surveillance, network communication is the key to provide a high quality and efficient video streaming. Various communication protocols are being used by vendors, each affecting on the quality of the data transmission differently. This document provides an executive introduction to IP surveillance video multicasting.

It presents the advantages of multicasting over other network communication technologies as well as the importance of Internet Group Multicast Protocol (IGMP) integration for video traffic transmission. The paper mainly highlights the deployment benefits of Korenix switches for assuring the high quality and optimized communication in an IP surveillance network.

Tags : 
igmp, igmp snooping, igmp query, ip surveillance, video surveillance, video multicast, video multicasting, video transmission, bandwidth management, ethernet networking, fibre channel, gigabit networking, infrastructure, local area networking, monitoring, optical networking, remote network management

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